Catering & Fundraising

Sno Cones                  Fairy Floss                           Popcorn

    Fun Food Machine Cart Hire 

5 hours   |   500 Serves   |   $599

4 hours   |   400 Serves   |   $499

   3 hours   |   300 Serves   |   $399   

2 hours   |   200 Serves   |   $299

Make your next celebration Funtastic with these great crowd pleasers!

Pick any one of the above mentioned fun food machines or we can tailor a party package to suit your needs.  Whether it be for a Sale, Grand Opening, Corporate Event, Christmas Party, School Fete, Fundraiser, Church, Sporting Club, Town Fair, Social Function, Country Show, Wedding, Engagement Party or Child's Birthday we have something for everyone to enjoy. Choose from either our Traditional Old Fashioned or Modern Carts including Fresh Butter Popcorn up to 13 Flavours of Fairy Floss and 15 Sno Cone Syrups.


Old Fashioned Sno Cone Cart
Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Cart
Traditional Popcorn Cart Hire
Modern Sno Cone Cart Hire
Modern Fairy Floss Cart Hire
Modern Double Popcorn Cart
Snow Cone Machine Hire
Gourmet Fairy Floss Machine Hire